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We welcome UTICamp's-2021 Simultaneous Interpretation Team Coordinator


Interpretation plays a special role at UTICamp, and we are proud to say that since the birth of the conference in 2013 simultaneous interpretation of presentations has been and continues to be provided by a team of true professionals.

Today, we would like to welcome Svitlana Bregman, the UTICamp-2021 simultaneous interpretation team coordinator, who has kindly agreed to continue her work in this role.

Svitlana has done a great job this year. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, she managed to pull together a unique team of the country’s top specialists, helping us to keep our standards of simultaneous interpretation high even under such difficult conditions. Svitlana has proved once again that a team is about reliability, mutual support, coordination of actions and stress resistance.

We have launched a simultaneous interpretation peer review this year with the support of Svitlana Bregman, Anna Ivanchenko and Victoria Moroz. This is a tried and tested practice of friendly evaluation used both in Europe and globally. It motivates interpreters to be more thoughtful and mindful in their work and take care of their translation resources, and helps to provide much-needed insights, give reliable guidance and develop self-confidence. Each interpreter who was personally present at the site was able to take part in a daily public feedback session or listen to comments on a one-to-one basis.

We are working hard to preserve the spirit of an offline outdoors conference and will be particularly happy if we can all meet again in person in a wider circle of friends. We are preparing a lot of exciting things together with Svitlana and the UTICamp-2021 Programme Committee, and will soon provide details on how to join the UTICamp-2021 simultaneous interpreters and become part of this incredible team. Follow our updates!