Unique open-air
localization industry event

Meet a brand new Localization Track!


Is it a linguistic kick-in?

Syllable attack?

It's a surfing chicken and localization track ????!

We're proud to announce that the upcoming year will bring a brand new l10n track! And special THANK YOU to Anton Gashenko, the moderator of the l10n section, who has passionately set to the development of this track so that you gain the most relevant and useful knowledge about localization next summer!

We're not ready to reveal all the details just yet, but we promise that it is going to be anything but boring. Still, you’ll agree that leaving you hanging without any info about this section would be just rude.

So, what can you expect as our l10n track participant?

  • Advice on how to improve l10n process: No advertising, only helpful advices from our speakers.
  • Robot vs human battle quality stories, Or “How to implement MT in l10n process and end up with a good product.” As well as bearing with game and software development tools.
  • Being an awesome community member 101. The difference between the official l10n process and fan translation, what in the world l10n is, and so on.
  • Tricks on working with text: Google the ungoogleable, how to deal with character adaptation, that sort of thing.

Be sure to follow us and join us on July 21, 2021, to gain great knowledge of localization!

Register for the conference to grab your spot now!