JULY 19-25 Presentations, networking and reboot!
Participate on-site and online
Communicate, gain new friends and new experience
Access the live broadcasting any time, everywhere
Discuss the industry hot topics, share your knowledge and experience
Participate in a unique week-long open-air event

About UTICamp-2021

UTICamp is a unique week-long outdoor translation event that takes place annually in a picturesque forest reserve.

It is now time to plan your summer, including participation in UTICamp. As usual, we look forward to seeing you on 19—25 July 2021 at our friendly Meteorit camping park near the city of Dnipro (Ukraine).

UTICamp-2021 is more of a week-long festival than a traditional conference. Come and see for yourself!

Discuss trending topics, share your knowledge and expertise:

  • 4 busy days of presentations in The Art of Translation, Interpretation and Business & Technology tracks;
  • NEW: The Art of Game Localization and The Art of Audiovisual Translation — one-day full-immersion sections!
  • live onsite or remote presentations by fascinating speakers from all over the world;
  • presentations, master classes, interactive panel sessions in cozy rooms and refreshing breaks in the forest glades;
  • online streaming of presentations and even the entertainment programme for viewers worldwide;
  • socializing with colleagues, friends and kindred spirits in a relaxed setting;
  • simultaneous interpretation of presentations by top professionals.

A unique opportunity to relax and reboot:

  • attend the conference with your family: kids take part in exciting educational events during the presentations, and adults can attend creative workshops;
  • fun gatherings and songs around the evening campfire, vibrant concerts and the chance to reveal your talents by performing on the main stage of the conference;
  • morning yoga sessions, greeting the sunrise on a SUP board, kayaking, biking and hiking in the woods, relaxing in a hammock, to name just a few of the activities available;
  • freshly cooked, delicious food from our culinary experts;
  • live in a tent if you love camping and nature, or stay in a nearby countryside hotel if you are more into privacy and comfort;
  • a unique offer from Thousand Stars Hotel if you wish to sleep under the stars, and much much more!

Bobby Johar
CEO at Dicentia Studios A/S
Luz Sanchis
Translator and CMO at Master Translations
Richard Schultz
VP, Worldwide Content & Localization at Starz
Ali Murat Can Çerçioğlu
Chief Operating Officer at Studio DSE
Thomas Roberts
Chief Executive Officer at Plint
Robert Link
AV-Übersetzer für Film, Serien, Dokus
Angela Starkmann
Consultant translation and international communication, memoQ consultant
Igor Chavrot
TV Presenter, Sign Language Interpreter
Lorraine Leeson
TCD Associate Dean of Research & Professor in Deaf Studies Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Kateryna and Anatolii Pityk
Literary translators
Alex Yoffe
Product Manager at OOONA
Ewandro Magalhães
Chief Language Officer at KUDO | TEDx Speaker
Anton Gashenko
CEO - Gamelocalization; Localization Project Manager - Levsha
Sabina Jasinska
Global VP Sales and Marketing at StoneShot
David Jasinski
Business Unit Director for Northern Europe, Neuromodulation, UK and Ireland Coordinator at Boston Scientific
Virginia Katsimpiri
Business Mentor To Translators
Chris Fetner
Managing Director at The Entertainment Globalization Association
Julia Poger
Conference interpreter
Indrė Lelevičienė
CEO at Baltijos vertimai, UAB
Bohdan Sitarskyi
Partnership Manager at Crowdin
Gary Smith
Anna Lewoc
Head of Organizing Committee at KTLC
Pilar Orero
Professor, Univeritat Autònoma de Barcelona
Estella Oncins
Postdoctoral researcher TransMedia Catalonia Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Carme Mangiron
Programme Director of the MA in Audiovisual Translation at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Anna Matamala
Lecturer at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Anja Lützen
Speech-to-text interpreter at EasyToRead
Marco Neves
Professor at NOVA FCSH, translator and writer
David Hardisty
Translator, teaching fellow
Mikhail Gorbunov
Head of Localization at Social Quantum
David Bryant
President at Dotsub
Iwona Bak
Global Production Director at Summa Linguae Technologies
Andrew Hickson
Marketing Manager at Ludejo BV
Marta Chereshnovska
Localization Professional | Services Manager at Lilt
Oleksander Terekhov
Product Manager at Lokalise
Yuliia Nazarenko
Conference Interpreter
Leonid Glazychev
CEO at Logrus IT
Maha El-Metwally
Conference interpreter in the Arabic booth
Inga Michaeli
CEO at Wander Words
Lena Zhou
Product Manager at Tmxmall
Fedor Bezrukov
Director at Logrus IT Ukraine
Katya Filatova
Freelance Translator
Sergey Polikarpov
Program Director. AI Curation and Professional Tools at Intento
Anna Oliynyk
Freelance interpreter and translator
Volodymyr Kukharenko
CEO at Protemos
Joseph Kovalov
Tech Localization Expert at Wix.com
Svitlana Bregman
Freelance Interpreter
Dana Szabados
Translator, content localizator
Tanya Mitkova
Localization Lead at Readdle Inc
Anna Ivanchenko
Freelance interpreter and translator
Natalia Fedorenkova
En<>Ru Conference Interpreter
Chris Durban
Freelance Translator
Tetiana Cherednychok
Localization Specialist at SBT Localization Team
Tetyana Struk
Founder and CEO of Linguistic Centre® Translation and Localization Company
Whenever I tell anyone in our industry that UTICamp is a unique conference, they probably think I’m exaggerating. But as soon as they come here they fall in love with the event, the location and the people. It’s a life-changing conference that gives you real friends and creates unforgettable emotions. It’s a conference you want to come back to before it even ends.
Katya Filatova
Freelance translator specializing in creative translation

UTICamp is my favorite conference and it’s forever, I’m afraid. It’s great that the art of translation and, in particular, serious issues around creative translation and adaptation are in the program and are even getting more and more attention each year. I like it that the conference always has such a full program, which never ceases to amaze me. May it continue to do so in the future!

Nigel Saych
Founder, owner and CEO (Interlex Language Services)

For anyone who thinks I have been exaggerating, name one other conference where you can: listen to top quality presentations sitting on a bean bag in a pine forest, with simultaneous interpretation from a pop-up booth in a tent; enjoy lectures while chickens run around the lecture theatre and children play games outside; skip a session and go for a swim in the river; follow the closing ceremony with all the attendees taking part in one massive drum band… It is all about UTICamp, of course!

Alessandra Martelli
Copywriter and translator

Being at UTICamp last year was one of the most energising experiences ever: a perfect blend of interesting presentations about the many facets of business, networking opportunities, and leisure activities in a truly unique and captivating setting. With spotless organisation and a novel format as a bonus, it’s definitely hard to beat!

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UTICamp-2019 official video 27.12.2019

UTICamp is a unique open-air translation industry event.

A space for new ideas, up-to-date knowledge and bright emotions

An atmosphere that encourages partnership, experience exchange, networking, and relaxation

Dozens of prominent speakers, music by the campfire, bird songs and children laughing

UTICamp-2019 was proof of this: 7 days, 65 talks, 3 workshops, Attendees from 19 countries, 6 concerts

And countless smiles. We want even more!