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July 19—25
Recreational camp "Meteorite"
Dnipro, Ukraine
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UTIC-2014. Freelance Practicum training session. Part 7

Speaker: Oleg Rudavin

Oleg had held a five-hour training session called “Freelance Practicum” the day before the opening of the UTIC-2014. During the intensive workshop he discussed with participants economic and psychological environment of the modern linguistic industry, analyzed key points of entering a freelance market, pros and cons of different “looking-for-clients” methods. Diversification in the language industry and beyond as well as financial management for freelancers were also the topics covered then.

The video is available only in Russian.

UTIC-2014 Webinars. Interviewing Rebecca Petras

Rebecca Petras
Program Director at Translators Without Borders

Rebecca has 20 years of corporate and brand strategic communications experience with an emphasis on the technology, language and legal industries. Prior to becoming program director for Translators without Borders in 2012, she specialized in creating messaging, positioning and strategic marketing programs serving clients in the US, Europe and Africa. In 2000, she founded Petras Associates which served a wide range of clients, including the Globalization and Localization Association, Rubric, McElroy Translation, Axway, Radiant Logic, Venga, Metz Law and Outback Power. Prior to Petras Associates, she was a vice president at Ketchum, an award-winning international public relations firm.

Rebecca now serves as Translators without Borders’ first program director and first full-time employee. Previously she was a board member for Translators without Borders for two years and served on the executive committee as the head of the marketing committee.

Webinar with Irina Alekseeva

Irina Alekseeva has been working in the translation industry since 1975. Her translation fields are: law, medicine, patents, economics, literary texts (German language). In 1980 through 2008 she was employed as a lecturer on theory and practice of translation at Saint Petersburg State University. In 2008 Irina founded Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation, which trains translators for the UN and other international organizations. Irina published 12 books on translation. 

The webinar is in Russian.


Webinar with Konstantin Lakshin

Konstantin is an ATA-certified English-to-Russian translator. In addition to his translation and interpreting work, he was for many years actively involved in managing a specialized translation company, including its international office in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has made presentations at many translation-related events in North America and Europe.

UTIC-2014 Webinars: Interview with Kirill Soloviev

Kirill Soloviev
Director of Localization Services at Acronis

Kirill Soloviev is currently Director of Localization Services at Acronis, a leading software vendor in backup, storage, mobility and cloud. Kirill’s Global Localization Team, spread across Europe and Asia, is responsible for localization of Acronis software, services and content in up to 14 languages. His team powers all the steps of the localization workflow, from internationalizing the source code and managing the technical communication infrastructure to vendor management, project management, terminology management and localization testing. A graduate of Moscow State University, Kirill has over 10 years of diverse experience in the GILT industry, both on Language Service Provider and Corporate Localization Buyer sides.

The webinar is in Russian.


UTIC-2014 Webinars: Interview with Oleksandr Pysaryuk

Guest: Olexander Pysaryuk  

Oleksandr has 12 years of experience in translation management and software localization, both in the language services industry and on the client side. He holds an MA in Linguistics and Translation, and taught translation theory, practice and technologies courses at Chernivtsi University in Ukraine. Oleksandr managed translation services at bodybuilding and powerlifting sports federations of WPC, WPO, NABBA and WABBA Ukraine. Before joining Achievers, Oleksandr worked as a Localization Analyst at BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion), the designer and manufacturer of BlackBerry® smartphones, tablets and solutions. At Achievers, Oleksandr is in charge of all things related to localization strategy, software internationalization, localization project management, vendor relationships, localization technologies such as TMS, terminology management, etc., to make sure the product is world-ready and the company is strong globally. Oleksandr is an expert at building localization from the ground up at a startup. Also, he is organizing the Localization Unconference Toronto.

Interviewer: Konstantin Dranch — author of, UTIC-2014 program committee member. 

This webinar is in Russian. 


UTIC-2014 Webinars. SDL Trados Studio 2014 + SDL BeGlobal


SvetlanaSvetova, director at T-Service, Tatiana Vinogradova, SDL Projects Coordinator at T-Service

 The webinar consists of two parts:  

1. Review of SDL Trados Studio 2014 and SDL OpenExchange applications. 

2.Review of SDL machine translation solutions, SDL BeGlobal and SDL BeGlobal Trainer. 


UTIC-2013 Webinars. Localization testing process. Applying different approaches.

Speakers: Nazariy Popov and Andriy Lutsyuk

This webinar is in Russian.


UTIC-2013 Webinars. A case of implementing ISO 11669-compliant translation specifications

Speakers: Demid Tishin, Co-owner and CEO at All Correct Language Solutions; Alexei Litvinenko, Head of the Quality Control Department at All Correct Language Solutions

Demid and Alexey tell a story how All Correct Language Solutions team developed detailed specification templates for various language pairs and content types, what challenges they faced, and how anyone from the translation industry can leave their mark in history.

This webinar is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. A Glimpse into the Future of Translation

Speaker: Jost Zetzsche, localization technologist, author of Translator's Toolkit manual, publicist

Jost talks about the changes that technology has brought into the business of translation over the years, the transformation of thinking and processes that have occurred and about the future of our industry from this perspective.

The video is in English.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. Going Global – what the international marketing clients need from their LSP

Speaker: Gordon Husbands, Vice-President of marketing localization company Wordbank

As a marketing consultant for end customers Gordon creates and captures the need for localization at a very early stage, even before original language versions are ready for release. He will tell about the trends in this area.

The webinar is meant for translation companies’ executives and sales managers, and for the freelancers who wish to better understand the needs of the customers who provide advertising and marketing materials for translation. 

This webinar is in English.

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Translation quality and QMS

Hosts: Sergey Sant (CEO, Neotech), Konstantin Josseliani (CEO, Janus WorldWide) and Fedor Bezrukov (Executive Director, Kyiv Office of Logrus).

This webinar is in Russian.

Mobile apps localisation

The mobile app market keeps growing as iOS and Android devices gain more popularity. Many developers decide to have their apps localised into other languages to expand their customer base and boost revenues. The demand for the apps interface translation is skyrocketing as a result. However, many translators undertaking app localisation have only a vague idea of the special skills it takes. The presentation uses real-life examples to expound on the key aspects of localisation which both novice freelancers and seasoned professionals will be well-advised to take on board. A list of minimum required tools will be provided at the end of the presentation.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Freelancing – a business model or philosophy

Host: Oleg Rudavin, freelancer, partner in Ukraine. 

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Translation of marketing texts

Hosts: Katya Filatova, freelance translator/interpreter; Joseph Kovalev, freelance translator/interpreter.

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Practical Translation or General Approach to Real Work

Host: Pavel Dunaev, Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Can machine translation be used with inflexional languages

Hosts:  Fedir Fesai, CEO at Yus Augmentive localization company; Julia Epifantseva, development director at ProMT

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. How to train ready-to-employ translators

Hosts: Tetyana Struk, Owner of Linguistic Centre® agency, Senior Lecturer at Ostroh Academy National University; Alexander Bondarenko, Co-owner and CEO of Translatel.

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)