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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTIC-2013."We are a small Ukrainian agency". Learn why half of the words in this sentence are wrong

Speaker: Renato Beninatto, Chief Marketing Officer at Moravia Worldwide, enterpreneur

Renato is an executive-level veteran of the translation and localization industry with over 25 year experience in managing international companies. He will tell you how to prepare your company to sell services internationally and guarantee better conversations with potential clients.

UTIC-2013. How to train ready-to-employ translators. Panel discussion

Participants: Tetyana Struk, Owner of Linguistic Centre® agency, Senior Lecturer at Ostroh Academy National University; Alexander Bondarenko, co-owner and CEO of Translatel; Pavel Palazhchenko, interpreter for Mikhail Gorbachev

Graduates of translation faculties are hardly ready-made working material for LSPs, because they often lack even basic understanding of the technology, business process and are not aware of the essential translator resourses on the internet. How to change this for the better? The first part of the discussion will focus on the list of skills and competences missing from regular curriculums.

 How can LSPs fill in these gaps? Tetyana Struk together with Alexander Bondarenko, who balance the jobs of translation company head and instructor of Ukrainian higher education institutes at the same time, will share their formulas, and Pavel Palazhchenko will sum up the suggestions from the point of view of professional occupation’s development. 

Main language of the duscussion: Ukrainian

UTIC-2013. How AKM West taught 20 linguists how to use CAT-tool in 2 hours and managed to deliver on the same day

Participants: Josef Kubovsky, Business Developement Manager at MemSource; Maxim Berendyaev, Tech & QA Director at AKM-West; Denis Lazuk, translator at AG .translate

Large projects with short deadlines require a real-time Translation Memory environment to keep consistency in terminology. However, pushing qualified translators to learn or especially purchase new tools on a short notice is extremely difficult.
Facing this challenge in 2012, AKM-West decided to utilize MemSource Cloud, an online translation memory environment which is easy to learn and is free for translators and editors. For this project the agency was able to enlist specialized linguists who had no prior experience with MemSource, teach them how to use the tool, then handle a project of 80 pages. All in a couple of hours, delivering it to the client the same day!
Join Josef for this sesion to learn how this project was organized and executed.

The video is in Russian

UTIC-2013. Quality Management via CHANGE-TRACKER.COM

Speaker: Vladimir Kukharenko, Owner and CEO of Technolex Translation Studio

Development and use of a quality management system in Technolex Translation Studio.
- Monitoring of changes performed during editing;
- Quality assessment and process description;
- Compliting QA statistics;
- Collaboration of quality assessment team members;
- Applying quality measurement for practical use, using reports in organizational planning.

The video is in Russian.





UTIC-2013. What is web service localization and what goes into it

Speaker: Marta Chereshnovska, ІТ-translator, blogger

In her presentation, Marta will talk about web service localization, its components and activities that can be done within web-service localization, linguistic l10n challenges for Ukrainian and Russian languages.
Besides, the session will include: 

- discussion of the future of the IT translation specialist profession
- a short laughter exercise with some translation blunders.

THESIS STATEMENT: We are more than “word converters”, we are cultural ambassadors and service promoters.

This presentation is in Ukrainian.

Kyiv Translation Friday. Translation Process Management

Speaker: Sergey Sant, CEO and owner of Neotech

In his presentation, Sergey highlighted the key tasks essential to controling the translation process and maintaining its efficiency that will drive the development of translation companies.

The video is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. Localization testing process. Applying different approaches.

Speakers: Nazariy Popov and Andriy Lutsyuk

This webinar is in Russian.


Sweet fragnance of Wild Strawberry or Word Count: Technology brings about Un-apocalypse for Translators

Vladimir Pedchenko, CEO of AIT company, developer of translation automation software.

The founder and leader of Advanced International Translations give a practical speech on:
• how to create, develop and destroy a translation company;
• why translation companies use and develop technologies;
• when human translators will be replaced by robots.

The video is in Russian.



UTIC-2013. Models of translation companies’ partnership in resource- and technology-intensive projects

Speaker: Jerzy Nedoma, President of Lido-Lang

Big volume projects as well as technically challenging ones require special care and perfect organisation. Crucial element is a good co-operation with large group of resources invoilved in such projects. The presentation discusses the necessary elements of such co-operation based upon mutual understanding and confidence. Several models of co-operation will be compared and evaluated.

This presentation is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. A case of implementing ISO 11669-compliant translation specifications

Speakers: Demid Tishin, Co-owner and CEO at All Correct Language Solutions; Alexei Litvinenko, Head of the Quality Control Department at All Correct Language Solutions

Demid and Alexey tell a story how All Correct Language Solutions team developed detailed specification templates for various language pairs and content types, what challenges they faced, and how anyone from the translation industry can leave their mark in history.

This webinar is in Russian.