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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Speak up! (Speech recognition systems and translators). UTICamp-16

Speaker: Sergei Korniyenko

In his report at #UTICamp, Sergei Kornienko spoke about currently available automatic Russian speech recognition systems and how to use them together with CAT-tools. He also shared his ideas on how this software can help translators improve their performance! Please be free to tell us in the comments how you use automatic speech recognition systems!

Instant Quote tech for translation companies. UTICamp-16

Speaker: Marco Trombetti

Marco Trombetti, CEO at, presented the MateCat Instant Quote at #UTICamp, a new free tool to provide clients with real-time quotations including word count, delivery date and cost. It's the easiest way to set up an e-commerce website for translation companies!

Videoremote interpreting solutions

Telephone conversations due to high roaming fees have been replaced with internet connection. It is on this stage — or even earlier — that a need for telephone interpreting from foreign languages appeared. Live communication without limits — this is the goal of video interpreting. And the means of implementation can vary even today. This is what Alex Leshchinsky spoke about in his presentation at #UTICamp.

Round table discussion “Models of translation quality assessment”. UTICamp-16

During a lively debate at #UTICamp we discussed how translation quality impacts the client’s business results. Taking part were the moderators of the Localization and Translation Technologies stream Svetlana Svetova and Kirill Fedotov, the co-founder of tech startup ContentQuo Kirill Soloviev, and representatives of Profpereklad, Techpereklad, Logrus IT and other companies. Watch the video of the round table “Technical Translation Quality Assessment Models”.

UTIC-2016. Go Edit, or Real Life Challenges of Editing Russian Marketing Texts Translated from English

Change it or leave it?

Bad style or play on words?

Mistranslation or intended adaptation of the copy?

Translation issues are always in the spotlight, while the challenges of editing get a lot less attention than they actually deserve, even though editing is something we all do every once in a while (and have mixed feelings about). It was time to break the unspoken rule: speakers invited attendees to discuss the practical aspects of editing marketing copy translated from English into Russian as well as to try and edit texts from an existing website together. Feel free to join them in the comments!

The video is available in Russian only.

UTIC-2016. SEO tools for promotion in English-language markets

Mikhail Scherbachev, CEO of Livepage, spoke at #UTICamp about tools for SEO promotion in English-language markets and shared the success story of a Ukrainian company that develops mobile apps. He explored the SEO techniques used by translation agencies from Ukraine, Russia, the United States and Europe before the conference and gives recommendations on how to promote translation companies in his speech. Enjoy!

UTIC-2016. TranslAcademy: Travel. Train. Translate.

The TranslAcademy project is a place to go to for discovering world’s best translators’ training practices that are presented in a form of interviews with different translation schools representatives. During the UTICamp conference, Irina Alekseeva and Oleksandr Bondarenko spoke about how to see the world through the eyes of translators and their teachers.

UTIC-2016. Localization of the BlaBlaCar website: Fun and Serious or The pros and cons of small-scale localization projects

Speaker: Oksana Tkach

Oksana shared her experiences of managing small localization projects for a global business, spoke about how the process is organized at BlaBlaCar, and gave some examples of localization errors. The presentation will be of interest to a wide range of specialists in the translation industry: translators and editors, project managers and localization engineers.

UTIC-2016. Review of Ukrainian translation market. Konstantin Dranch

Speaker: Konstantin Dranch

The review of Ukrainian translation market by Konstantin Dranch will be of a great use for all the LSPs who engage vendors in translation and localization into Russian and Ukrainian. Konstantin shares the result of this year’s survey by and reveals the most successful Ukrainian translation companies. Despite economic challenges, many companies manage to maintain the same amount of workload and even grow.

UTIC-2014. Freelance Practicum training session. Part 7

Speaker: Oleg Rudavin

Oleg had held a five-hour training session called “Freelance Practicum” the day before the opening of the UTIC-2014. During the intensive workshop he discussed with participants economic and psychological environment of the modern linguistic industry, analyzed key points of entering a freelance market, pros and cons of different “looking-for-clients” methods. Diversification in the language industry and beyond as well as financial management for freelancers were also the topics covered then.

The video is available only in Russian.