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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Managing a Translation Company by KPI

What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) suit for translation business the best? What is most efficient way to measure and interpret them? What indicators can help in achieving company’s strategic and operational goals? Join Kirill's session to learn how InText' 10-year experience helped to answer the questions and share your perspective.

This video is in Russian. English subtitles are available.

Localisation business: models, stakes and risks

 Speaker: Elena Rudeshko, Strategic Account Manager at ELEKS

Localisation is not only translation; nowadays it is a well-turned mastery of product adaptation to the local market. The localization business has its own players like any other industry. They are huge multinational corporations, companies which would like to enter the international market with their own products; large and small LSP, translation houses, agencies, freelancers, industry’s toolkit and software providers. So what are the trends on the L10N market, what are the interaction models between the players, what are their stakes and their risks; and the most important -- is it possible to create a new model? All these aspects will be covered in the presentation.

This video dubbed in English.

Industry-specific Translation: Experiential Aspects

The main idea of the speech is to reflect the multi-faceted nature of domain-specific translation, to outline the field of knowledge required to a translator who is specializing in an industry, and to suggest a batch of approaches that enable increasing the outcome while reducing the time consumption.

This video is in Russian.

Can machine translation be used with inflexional languages

Fedir Fesai, CEO of Yus Augmentive localization company, will talk about thedifficulties of machine translation post-editing for Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages.
Fedir is convinced that post-editing projects for inflexional languages is much more labor-consuming than those for analytical languages, for example, English; and for the most part post-editing is as expensive as translating from scratch. Therefore, post-editing in not a viable concept at present level of MT development.

UTIC-2013. Official Video

Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC) is the largest translation and localization industry event in Ukraine. 
UTIC is where talented independent translators, successful managers, bright educators and agile software developers get together to establish valuable connections, have meaningful discussions with peers, learn about the industry trends, help each other and the industry grow into the future.

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Translation of marketing texts

Hosts: Katya Filatova, freelance translator/interpreter; Joseph Kovalev, freelance translator/interpreter.

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Practical Translation or General Approach to Real Work

Host: Pavel Dunaev, Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Can machine translation be used with inflexional languages

Hosts:  Fedir Fesai, CEO at Yus Augmentive localization company; Julia Epifantseva, development director at ProMT

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. How to train ready-to-employ translators

Hosts: Tetyana Struk, Owner of Linguistic Centre® agency, Senior Lecturer at Ostroh Academy National University; Alexander Bondarenko, Co-owner and CEO of Translatel.

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)