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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Sweet fragnance of Wild Strawberry or Word Count: Technology brings about Un-apocalypse for Translators

Vladimir Pedchenko, CEO of AIT company, developer of translation automation software.

The founder and leader of Advanced International Translations give a practical speech on:
• how to create, develop and destroy a translation company;
• why translation companies use and develop technologies;
• when human translators will be replaced by robots.

The video is in Russian.



UTIC-2013. Models of translation companies’ partnership in resource- and technology-intensive projects

Speaker: Jerzy Nedoma, President of Lido-Lang

Big volume projects as well as technically challenging ones require special care and perfect organisation. Crucial element is a good co-operation with large group of resources invoilved in such projects. The presentation discusses the necessary elements of such co-operation based upon mutual understanding and confidence. Several models of co-operation will be compared and evaluated.

This presentation is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. A case of implementing ISO 11669-compliant translation specifications

Speakers: Demid Tishin, Co-owner and CEO at All Correct Language Solutions; Alexei Litvinenko, Head of the Quality Control Department at All Correct Language Solutions

Demid and Alexey tell a story how All Correct Language Solutions team developed detailed specification templates for various language pairs and content types, what challenges they faced, and how anyone from the translation industry can leave their mark in history.

This webinar is in Russian.

Case studies of opening company branches in Ukraine

Konstantin Josseliani, Owner and President of Janus Worldwide

Andrey Moiseev, Director of Language Services Department of Sochi-2014 Organization Commitee
Andrey will share his experience in opening a division of a large Moscow company in Kiev, including market analysis, wins and fails, and key challenges.
The presentation will be of interest to the companies that are considering opening an office in Ukraine and to ones that are running it already, and will help reveal the country’s peculiarities and put together.
This presentation is dubbed in English.

Interpreting in the digital era: How to prosper rather than survive in the new reality

Speaker: Barry Olsen, conference interpreter, general manager of Multilingual at ZipDX, co-president of InterpAmerica


Interpreting is at a crossroads. Multilingual interaction is at an all-time high, yet interpreters are nervous about their future. New technologies and new ways of working are changing traditional definitions of what interpreting is and where it is performed. Will new technologies mean a dumbing down of the profession and an undermining of working conditions or will they empower interpreters to offer their services in new ways and with greater added value? The answer to that question will depend largely on how individual interpreters respond to the accelerating pace of digital disruption and innovation that is affecting every aspect of modern society. More importantly, how do you adapt and thrive in this new environment? Join professor and veteran conference interpreter Barry Slaughter Olsen as he shares his insights on new technologies in interpreting and how you can thrive in this new reality.


The video is in English.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. A Glimpse into the Future of Translation

Speaker: Jost Zetzsche, localization technologist, author of Translator's Toolkit manual, publicist

Jost talks about the changes that technology has brought into the business of translation over the years, the transformation of thinking and processes that have occurred and about the future of our industry from this perspective.

The video is in English.


Anna Ivanchenko, freelance translator

The market of Russian interpreting services is relatively small. Russian interpreting is in demand as additional working language in the Council of Europe and the European Human Rights Court. The session will review the requirements for the position of interpreter and the process of applying for and working as interpreter for the international organizations.

The video is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinars. Going Global – what the international marketing clients need from their LSP

Speaker: Gordon Husbands, Vice-President of marketing localization company Wordbank

As a marketing consultant for end customers Gordon creates and captures the need for localization at a very early stage, even before original language versions are ready for release. He will tell about the trends in this area.

The webinar is meant for translation companies’ executives and sales managers, and for the freelancers who wish to better understand the needs of the customers who provide advertising and marketing materials for translation. 

This webinar is in English.


Freelance Translator, SEO Specialist
Modern customers’ requirements in the Internet development, types of customers.
Additional required skills and knowledge: web analytics, marketing, creative writing.
4 types of website marketing.
• Translation = New Content. What does it give? What is SEO, SEO for a translator? Translator’s work results in Google. General content structures for a translator SEO work on a customer website. The difference between a customer-defined translation request with given key words for a target text and an independent translator’s work using additionally his own creative writing and marketing knowledge.


software consulting specialist at All Correct Language Solutions
The presentation by All Correct Language Solutions and Atril, Deja Vu developer. The process of localization will be observed, the differences form technical translation will be shown, some specific problems will be analized. Natalia will give advice how to motivate freelance translators to use CAT tools and how to organize work process, profitable for the agency.
The video is in Russian.