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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTIC-2013 Webinars. Going Global – what the international marketing clients need from their LSP

Speaker: Gordon Husbands, Vice-President of marketing localization company Wordbank

As a marketing consultant for end customers Gordon creates and captures the need for localization at a very early stage, even before original language versions are ready for release. He will tell about the trends in this area.

The webinar is meant for translation companies’ executives and sales managers, and for the freelancers who wish to better understand the needs of the customers who provide advertising and marketing materials for translation. 

This webinar is in English.


Freelance Translator, SEO Specialist
Modern customers’ requirements in the Internet development, types of customers.
Additional required skills and knowledge: web analytics, marketing, creative writing.
4 types of website marketing.
• Translation = New Content. What does it give? What is SEO, SEO for a translator? Translator’s work results in Google. General content structures for a translator SEO work on a customer website. The difference between a customer-defined translation request with given key words for a target text and an independent translator’s work using additionally his own creative writing and marketing knowledge.


software consulting specialist at All Correct Language Solutions
The presentation by All Correct Language Solutions and Atril, Deja Vu developer. The process of localization will be observed, the differences form technical translation will be shown, some specific problems will be analized. Natalia will give advice how to motivate freelance translators to use CAT tools and how to organize work process, profitable for the agency.
The video is in Russian.


SERGEY SANT, CEO of Neotech and ALEX LIK, owner of A-CLID
The greater amount of work a company has, the more freelance translators and subcontractors it has to recruit. It is the general contractor who is responsible for the quality of the end product although the translation is made by third parties. How to build a system with guaranteed quality control in each section of the text, and to deliver the finished projects on time? Market leaders will share their stories and best practices.
The video is in Russian

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Translation quality and QMS

Hosts: Sergey Sant (CEO, Neotech), Konstantin Josseliani (CEO, Janus WorldWide) and Fedor Bezrukov (Executive Director, Kyiv Office of Logrus).

This webinar is in Russian.

How to become a sought-after translator: advice to freelancers on interaction with translation companies

Promova HR director
The session is recommended for both freelance experts and beginners. It will highlight numerouls aspects of creating a strong first impression on a prospective client regardless of your previous expertise.
- How to write a CV.
- What should not be included in your CV.
- How to grab the employer’s attention quickly (file name, notes).
- Recruitment procedures and why they should be respected.

Does a medical translator need a specialized education?

Speaker: Ekaterina Chashnikova

The question whether medical background is essential for medical translators, is a matter of an ongoing discussion. Ekaterina will present results of a recent study devoted to this issue and will tell how person with any basic education can become a professional medical translator.

The video is in Russian.

Mobile apps localisation

The mobile app market keeps growing as iOS and Android devices gain more popularity. Many developers decide to have their apps localised into other languages to expand their customer base and boost revenues. The demand for the apps interface translation is skyrocketing as a result. However, many translators undertaking app localisation have only a vague idea of the special skills it takes. The presentation uses real-life examples to expound on the key aspects of localisation which both novice freelancers and seasoned professionals will be well-advised to take on board. A list of minimum required tools will be provided at the end of the presentation.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

Crowdsourcing: How to Have 3000 Linguists Translate Games for Virtual Effects

Speaker: Sergey Dmitrishin, director of Crowdin, the IT R&D company

Sergey explains why crowdsourcing of localization is becoming increasingly popular. He presents a business case from a European agency that deals with volunteer translators by using a new generation TMS and arranging an effective simultaneous collaboration of linguists.
What is the role of translation companies in public crowdsourcing? What do customers pay for when they buy this service? What kind of content can be offered to a team of volunteers, and which content must be translated by using well-established methods? A life cycle of a public crowdsourcing project, case studies of large projects.

This video is in Russian.

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Freelancing – a business model or philosophy

Host: Oleg Rudavin, freelancer, partner in Ukraine. 

This webinar is in Russian.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)