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July 20-26Dnipro, Ukraine
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Box of Chocolates: Life Stories. UTICamp-2019

Interviewers: Tetyana Struk, Joseph Kovalov

Speakers: Svetlana SvetovaVolodymyr KukharenkoMichael Yepanov, Igor Marach, Stanislav Kaleniuk

We all love stories. Especially success stories. They always inspire and give strength. It often seems that the path of the hero in these stories was easy, simple, and success came into his or her life quite naturally. However, at this session we want to show other pages of our heroes ' lives: the first steps, hard decisions, struggle for survival; and to discuss what gives them strength and what supports.

Interpreting into English by Svitlana Bregman and Dmytro Kushnir

Audiovisual Era: Subtitling, Dubbing and Voiceover. UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Mariia Babkina (freelance translator, lecturer)

Would you like to try to work as an audio descriptor? Watch the video of the Audiovisual Era: Subtitling, Dubbing, Sound Recording workshop.

We looked at the requirements applied to audio description in different countries, analyzed some successful (and not so successful) cases and tried to create our own audio description as part of a practical exercise.

Interpreting into English by Yevgeniy Lobanov and Hanna Poliakova

Translation 5.0. A Power of New Generation

Speakers: Tetyana Struk and Anastasiia Struk (Linguistic Centre®)

They come to the industry: young, proactive, different. How to establish cooperation, to keep them in the industry, when there are so many opportunities around, to attract more young people into the industry, to show them the possibilities of this profession?

Based on examples of successful projects for youth in the industry, the speakers will share their observations on the approaches that change the attitude of young people, the factors that are really efficient, the actions that each of us can make to show that the industry is a place to be, and prove that though young people do everything in a different way, they win!

Interpreting into English by Anzhelika Kuznetsova (from Dnipro) and Liubov Motsna

MT Deployment: Best Practices. UTICamp-2019

Speakers: Leonid Glazychev (CEO at Logrus IT), Fedor Bezrukov (Director at Logrus IT Ukraine)

The presentation provides a brief overview of the current state of MT use (including major pros and cons), outlines notable market trends, and goes over various takeaways from the ongoing MT deployment epic at Logrus IT. We start with overcoming prejudices and then discuss MT support by various CAT tools and selecting the best engine(s).

We proceed with various approaches to MT quality evaluation, process specifics, and ways to address the topic of MT deployment with both clients and suppliers, including the crucial issue of MT-related discounts. We conclude with practical recommendations, including both pleasant surprises and unexpected pitfalls.

Mind the Context! UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Ruslan ShtykLead Software Engineer at Smartling

In this talk we'll have a few words about what we (as Smartling) understand under visual context and why it is essential.

Context is an important tool that serves to improve quality, shorten translation time and optimize costs. We'll see how working on content without any context makes the job of a translator difficult (if not impossible) to do well.

Smartling, as a leader in the industry, takes visual context to a whole new level and has a team dedicated to expanding and perfecting solutions for this mission-critical need.

Enabling Kids with Cats. UTICamp-2019


Oleksandr Bondarenko, CEO of Translatel Ltd, PhD, associate professor, a lecturer and researcher at Central Ukrainian Pedagogical University

Frances Fenn, Regional Sales Director (SDL)

CAT for Grad initiative has been launched to fill in the technological gap in Ukraine. 18 Ukrainian universities, over 50 teachers and about 1000 students have been enrolled into the project. The project suggested: academic software licenses for CAT tools; instructional guidance, software maintenance and legal support when developing the CAT course; network with peers.

Working with SDL, the CAT for Grad program provides Ukrainian Universities with the tools to be able to teach CAT Tools as part of the University program and for the students to achieve SDL Certification to be able to demonstrate their technology knowledge to future employers.

Different Points of View on MT Post-Editing. UTICamp-2019

The presentation by Svetlana Svetova and Pavel Dunaev at UTICamp-2019 was a fascinating dialogue between a post-editing customer and a translator. In their discussion, Svetlana and Pavel tried to find out what a post-editing customer wants and how they see the process. What is the background to PEMT and why is it necessary? How do you manage the parties’ expectations? And, of course, they talked about the skills a post-editor should possess and where they can be learned.

Interpreting into English by Victoria Moroz and Anzhelika Kuznetsova (from Dnipro)

Versatility of Conference Interpreting (Part 2). UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Anna KolomiytsevaFreelance interpreter and translator

Workshop: practical part based on German resources.

The video is available only in Russian/Ukrainian

Versatility of Conference Interpreting (Part 1). UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Oleksiy Babansky

"Surfing the Moebius Strip" is a masterclass which will present everyday interpreter's workout to develop speed, versatility, and agility. We are going to practice Inversion, antonymic translation, expansion, and compression as exercises for regular flexing our verbal and cognitive muscles.

The video is available only in Ukrainian.

The Truth About Your Business: Auditing a Translation Company. UTICamp-2019

Speakers: Kirill FedotovElena Rudeshko

InText Translation Company presents its own model of translation business development through the work with external consultants and the use of independent professional audits with the industry focus.

Interpreting into English by Victoria Moroz and Anzhelika Kuznetsova (from Dnipro)