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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Improving our translations into English. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Christopher Peterson, partner at Language Creations, LLC

Translation into English is in high demand, but the quality of this service is often not up to the mark. 

There are many questions that LSPs ask with this regard: Do we really need a native speaker? Would an English-speaking proofreader be enough? Can we do without their help? And if yes, under what circumstances?  And last but not least, how do we check the quality of the resources involved?

Website Localization for LSP. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Sergey Yuryev, founder at iLangL B. V.

Your clients no longer have time to copy the contents from their websites and e-mail it for translation. Moreover, the text volume becomes huger, and new markets require adding new language versions to the existing sites. There are numerous automated solutions for website localization management, but are you ready to work with them?

Literary translator: relict profession of the 21st century. UTICamp-2016

Speakers: Anatoliy Pityk and Kateryna Hrytsaichuk

At a first glance, a translator of fiction seems to be very old-fashioned and even a relic profession. What problems do modern fiction translators face and how do they deal with them? How is it possible to make a profit on literary translation? How to communicate with publishing houses to reach the best agreement and the most comfortable cooperation?

You have been engaged to carry out search optimization for a website. What do you do? UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Alexey Andrusenko

Since we all started receiving more information via the Internet, translation of web page content has been in high demand. Translators often receive instructions ‘to take SEO into account’. In this case, the linguist needs to learn the ropes of search optimization to get into the subject.

At UTICamp-2016, Alexey Andrusenko spoke about the key aspects of SEO and shared some useful tips to help translators when translating web content.

Freelancing as a business organization form, way of thinking and philosophy. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Oleg Rudavin, Freelancer, partner in Ukraine.

Freelancing is becoming more popular than ever. It is not just another form of business organization: it is a lifestyle, a philosophy that allows us to combine our work, family and hobbies and to live wherever we like.

What would you prefer, freelance or working at the office?

Organizational development by example of a translation company department. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Alina Vasilyeva, Head of German Projects Department, Janus Worldwide.

The translation Industry is very sensitive to the mood of the times. This is not surprising, as we work with languages and technologies, both of which are developing rapidly.

In her presentation at UTICamp-2016, Alina Vasilyeva shared her experience of organizational development using Janus Worldwide’s German language department as an example.

The role of a translator during negotiations. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Nataliya Pavlyuk, CEO English Channel Translation Agency, Associate Prof. Translation Department, KUBG.

The interpreter should remain unnoticed in the background. Is this true?

Let us look at the interpreter’s role in the negotiation process in business, politics and other fields, at the importance of knowledge and personal traits for mutual understanding between the parties and the positive outcome of the talks.

Unlost, or Survivors. UTICamp-2016

Moderators: Tetyana Struk , Joseph Kovalov.

As UTICamp-2016 was held in a non-conventional format, it called for non-conventional ideas and approaches. One of the sessions was organized as a role-playing game.

The players’ goal in the role-playing game was to find a mutually-beneficial way out of this situation. They demonstrated an unusual approach to problem solving in interesting case studies. Watch this video and try to imagine what you would do in similar circumstances. Then share your problem solving tips in the comments section.

State-of-the-Art QA Technologies: Studio 2015 and Verifika 3.0. UTICamp-2016

Speakers: Tatiana Vinogradova, T-Service, an authorized SDL Trados solutions reseller in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.

Alexander Barabash, translation department deputy head at Palex.

Maxim Gamii, InText, Vendor/QA Manager.

Ensuring high translation quality while maintaining your delivery speed and budgets — is that even possible? It is! You just need to keep up with modern technology.

Our colleagues from T-Service, Palex and InText pooled their efforts to prepare a joint presentation, providing us with a three-pronged approach to quality assurance.

Motivating sales people of an LSP. Round table discussion. UTICamp-2016

Moderator: Elena Kirsanova, Head of Aspect-Ukraine

How to inspire your sales manager to catch a “big fish”? How to foster real hunters who succeed in attracting large projects for the company?

This was the main topic of the round table discussion ‘Motivating sales people of an LSP’ at UTIC-2016.