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July 19—25
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UTIC-2013. How to train ready-to-employ translators. Panel discussion

Participants: Tetyana Struk, Owner of Linguistic Centre® agency, Senior Lecturer at Ostroh Academy National University; Alexander Bondarenko, co-owner and CEO of Translatel; Pavel Palazhchenko, interpreter for Mikhail Gorbachev

Graduates of translation faculties are hardly ready-made working material for LSPs, because they often lack even basic understanding of the technology, business process and are not aware of the essential translator resourses on the internet. How to change this for the better? The first part of the discussion will focus on the list of skills and competences missing from regular curriculums.

 How can LSPs fill in these gaps? Tetyana Struk together with Alexander Bondarenko, who balance the jobs of translation company head and instructor of Ukrainian higher education institutes at the same time, will share their formulas, and Pavel Palazhchenko will sum up the suggestions from the point of view of professional occupation’s development. 

Main language of the duscussion: Ukrainian