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July 19—25
Recreational camp "Meteorite"
Dnipro, Ukraine
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Going Off the Deep End: Being More Than JUST a Translator. UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Inga Michaeli‬CEO at Wander Words

In the past ten years, we’ve seen many translators try to cope with the changing landscape of this industry by calling themselves linguists, transcreators and what not. Yet, it seems that the state of mind of many of us hasn’t changed a bit.

When we look to the next twenty years, what will the industry look like? And where will we fit in? Or should we be asking ourselves: In the age of social media and influencer marketing, when many of our clients are millennials looking for full-stack professionals, are we still relevant? And where do we go from here?

Inga has elaborated on the 'untouchable' part, suggesting it is high time we stop thinking outside the box and realize there is no box, and that we must bring back the free in FREElance.