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July 19—25
Recreational camp "Meteorite"
Dnipro, Ukraine
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A Creative Challenge. Part 2: for LSPs and Translation Agencies. UTICamp-2019

Speaker: Nigel Saych, Founder, owner and CEO (Interlex Language Services)

I run a very successful translation company, and I’m sure many of you do the same. The last thing you need is me telling you how to do your job, and that’s the last thing I plan to do. But I hope to convince you that taking a more creative attitude towards the translators who work with you, and for you, will not only make them more responsive, it will be added-value for you.

We would be nowhere without translators, but some agencies give the rest of us a bad reputation. I have proved that it doesn’t need to be like that, Fair Trade can apply to our sector just as much as if we were selling bananas or coffee.