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July 19—25
Recreational camp "Meteorite"
Dnipro, Ukraine
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Nigel Saych

Founder, owner and CEO (Interlex Language Services)

Nigel Saych owns and runs a creative translation company based in the Netherlands offering 35 languages through its network of 105 language professionals. Nothing unusual about that, but Nigel is also (nearly) a full time translator and intends to remain one. It is his love of linguistics and not the obsession with administration that has encouraged him to create an organisation that is both successful and creative.

He has given many presentations throughout Europe and beyond, and has organised several conferences in the Netherlands, but it was the UTICamp in 2019 that opened his eyes to how a conference can also be a creative event, and he signed up immediately for UTIC 2020! He is looking forward to meeting the friends he made last year – and making many new ones.

Size Does Matter, or Is the translation Industry Restructuring Itself?

Every linguist knows what the challenge of technological development is bringing to our profession. Nobody needs another presentation entitled ‘The threat of….’. But are the days of ‘Big is beautiful’ still relevant to our profession? Are changes taking place within our industry that suggest we are rethinking the roles of the classic translation agency and of the stand-alone linguist working on the kitchen table?

I have noticed trends in recent years that attract surprisingly little comment. I am aware of a change of direction that is influencing the face of the way we work. It’s not a spectacular change, but it’s creeping in from all directions. I call it my BBB theory. But that needs quite a lot of explanation. All will be revealed…