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UTIC-2016: June 10–12, 2016. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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About the conference

Conference venue


UTICamp-2019 will take place July 22–28 on the premises of the children's recreational camp "Meteorite", located 43 km outside Dnipro. The camp is situated in a pine forest preserve on the Samara River. The air is fresh and the water from the well is clear and refreshing. It's one of the most picturesque areas in Dnipropetrovsk region. The weather here in July is great — the days are warm enough for swimming, and the nights are pleasantly cool.

Our accommodation pick — the campground at UTICamp! 

1. It's close and convenient

Tents will be set up right on the premises of «Meteorite», where the conference will be taking place. You'll be just a few minutes' walk from the epicentre of everything. You'll be able to hook up with colleagues at any time without relying on transfers, so you'll be saving time. What could be better than falling asleep outdoors under the calming rustle of a pine forest?

2. It's fun and productive

Your next-door neighbour might become your best client. The colleague who kindly helps you set up your tent might turn out to be the exact translator you've been looking for forever. People staying at the campground begin productive communication at the crack of dawn and spend the evenings swapping stories of translator life around the campfire.

3. It's comfortable

The camp has all the necessary amenities and getting food is quite simple — Dnipro's best cooks will be preparing meat and veggies on the grill, in addition to other foods. Plus, you have access to a grill, firewood and even a mini-kitchen. After lunch you can go for a trip on a boat, a catamaran or a bicycle for a real vacation experience!


And, most of all, it's cheap! Staying on-site at an international conference has never been so affordable!

«Meteorite» invites the participants in the conference and their families to come for more than just the conference. You can stay as long as you wish at the camp by combining your time at the conference with an outdoor vacation.