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July 19—25
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Meet 2019 with UTICamp

The end of the year is a great time to pause for reflection, take stock of the most significant events and look ahead. 

We dream about UTICamp-2019 being a vivid, exciting and unforgettable event. We dream about that forest clearing again turning into vibrant conference rooms with lively discussions between guests and colleagues among the pine trees. We dream about a fabulous white boat docking at the pier, happy kids running around Meteorit campsite, and campers singing songs and playing the guitar around a fire in the evening. This is where we see the magic of 2019 — a continuing fairy tale that we are creating together with you!

UTICamp-2019 will last for one week, from 22nd to 28th July. The programme will include lots of informative presentations, joyful meetings and leisure time with colleagues, kindred spirits and friends.

It was easy for us to decide on a gift to put under the tree as last year’s great idea has already become a good tradition: for the second consecutive year, we are donating funds for the development of Meteorit campsite to try to preserve its pristine beauty while improving it as a comfortable retreat.

Watch this video about our charitable donation:

Our New Year's Gift

We are entering 2019 with gratitude for your continued dedication, support, and involvement in the UTICamp conference! We have traveled a beautiful path with you in 2018:

In the meantime, stay with us for our fourth season of webinars starting after the New Year celebrations. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!