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Happy International Translation Day!

Happy International Translation Day to all our friends and colleagues!

We believe that translators, interpreters and other language professionals do something really important. Something that’s greater than just finding the right words in two or more languages. By helping people with very different backgrounds understand each other, they unite and bridge the gap between individuals, communities, countries, continents, cultures and even eras…and that is priceless.

For our part, we are committed to uniting translators, interpreters, translation companies and technology creators themselves, which is exactly why we organize UTICamp — an international translation industry conference held in Ukraine and known all over the world.

We believe that

United, as a

Team, we can

Inspire others and

Create great things for a better future.

Come join us next July at UTICamp-2020, and let’s make history together!

Katya Filatova

Katya Filatova

Freelance translator specializing in creative translation