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July 19—25
Recreational camp "Meteorite"
Dnipro, Ukraine
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Conference news

UTICamp-2021 Program Committee Begins its Work

Everything must be planned right down to the tiniest detail — the venue, the schedule, etc. — to make the conference a success. The work begins many months before the event and does not finish until the conference is over. Finding interesting speakers is an important part of the preparations.

Our friends are getting down to work. The UTICamp-2021 program committee has nearly been formed and today we would like to introduce you to the first members of the committee.

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Key UTICamp-2020 Takeaways

July is a special month for us — it’s when we meet up with the participants of the Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference in a pine forest reserve on the banks of the Samara River. We can now state confidently that this tradition has taken root: the 2020 conference was the fifth-anniversary event for translators, interpreters, editors, representatives of translation companies and translation technology developers. In other words, a conference for everyone involved in the translation business. We got together this year once again to discuss trending topics, reflect on how to improve ourselves, share experiences, meet new people, and hug old friends. And, of course, to relax, be inspired by the power of nature, and recharge our batteries.

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What you should watch in the near future: recorded UTICamp-2020 presentations

60 speakers and 50+ hours of useful and varied content — the conference program turned out to be really eventful. We can’t wait to share this knowledge with you, so we have already posted all (123 videos!) recorded UTICamp-2020 presentations. Visit our channel at any time to watch your favorite presentation!

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videos 2020

Evening Zoom Networking

Online networking sessions after each speeches’ day Have some questions left or some topics to discuss? Need some translation “after party” after the day of speeches? Join our zoom networking rooms and enjoy chatting with other UTICamp-2020 attendees.

Access to UTICamp-2020 online streaming

UTICamp-2020 is about to start, so it’s time to get access to online streaming. Thank you for joining us! 

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Meet UTICamp-2020’s Simultaneous Interpretation Team

UTICamp is a conference aimed at bringing the translation market together, regardless of country of residence, occupation or beliefs. The majority of our participants are very comfortable in English, Russian and Ukrainian, but we arrange simultaneous interpretation for the vast majority of the presentations each year.

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UTICamp-2020 F.A.Q. and rules

The conference is approaching rapidly, and we are looking forward to seeing you!

Meanwhile, we would like to provide you with some important information about the accommodation  and amenities. Please read it carefully and ask any questions you may have in advance by writing to us at Thank you!


We will make UTICamp-2020 happen as promised

Dear friends, 

UTICamp-2020 will take place! We will make it happen as promised. You will be able to participate either in person or remotely.

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UTICamp-2020 is going online

UTICamp-2020 Preliminary Program

Great news: we have published the preliminary program of UTICamp-2020.

Please bear in mind that this is a preliminary program. We are still working on the content, so there may be some updates. And, of course, we continue to monitor the situation in the world and Ukraine and will keep you informed of any changes.

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How To Act In a World That Has Changed: Expert Advice For the Translation Business

We’re adjusting to a new reality and we’ll have to find solutions in order to support each other. UTIConnect online meetings is one such solution to keep our connections live. We are continuing the webinar series, and the next one is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, at 16:00 Kyiv time.

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UTIConnect Webinar

UTIConnect Say Hello Webinar

In these turbulent times we are surrounded by all sorts of news. So how about sharing the good news?

We invite friends of #uticamp to come together online for an informal meeting. In a cozy atmosphere amongst old acquaintances we will have the opportunity to say hello to one another, to share our plans and exchange messages of support.

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UTIConnect webinar

UTICamp-2020: what's next?

In light of the latest events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are receiving a lot of questions about whether UTICamp-2020 will take place this summer. The question is understandable, considering the global situation and the experience of other translation (and not only translation) events. So today we would like to calmly share our plans for the nearest future with you.

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UTICamp video library

Over the last 7 years, we have made videos of hundreds of presentations, dozens of webinars and a number of workshops. This amounts to hours of useful content for beginners and skilled translators, editors, teachers, software developers and anyone involved with the translation industry.

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You-Tube channel

Congratulatios to the winners of Lviv European contest!

The final stage of Lviv European, the first all-Ukrainian student translation contest, took place on 22 February. 150 participants, selected from more than 1,300 entries, competed for first place in the final. It was incredible!

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