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July 19—25
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Where to stay



Distance to Meteorit

Cost per night

How to book

UTICamp camping site

0 km

Your own tent — € 6 per day

Rented tent — €6 per person per day

Book through the UTICamp organizing committee

Holiday cabins at Meteorit


€ 8 per person per day

Book through the UTICamp organizing committee

Room in the cottage at Meteorit


€ 65 per day


Golden Beach


3 km

€ 50—70 per day

Contact the hotel directly

Rosinka Kazatskoe Selo


3 km

€ 40—60 per day

Contact the hotel directly

Other hotels*

5–44 km

See prices below

Contact the hotel directly

* Contact the hotel for exact prices and terms & conditions. UTICamp organizers are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by hotel staff. If you encounter any difficulties, we would be happy to help. If you have any questions, please write to

Recommended location — the holiday cabins and the campground at UTICamp! 

We have carefully studied all the options and can tell you that the best accommodation option is the camping site in the grounds of Meteorit.

Our campsite is right for you if you want to feel really close to nature and like camping! You can put up your own tent or rent one on-site. Be sure to bring the necessary bedding with you when you go camping. You can rent our comfortable, spacious 3-person tents which easily accommodate two adults or two adults and a small child. The rented tents also have a small front porch for your belongings.

If you choose to rent a tent, we will put it up by your arrival and provide all necessary bedding items (mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets).

If you prefer a more peaceful and comfortable space, you can stay at one of the wooden cabins at the campsite. 2-, 4- and 5-bed cabins are currently available. You can book a bed in the cabin. Please note: due to the limited availability, the Steering Committee reserves the right to offer participants to share housing units with other guests of the conference. The cabins have beds with bedding, bedside tables, and sockets.

No refrigerators, air-conditioners, tableware (including kettles), bathroom, or shower are available in the cabins. Public showers and toilets are located in the campsite area. Hot water is available 24 / 7.

UTICamp-2020 UTICamp-2020

Alternatives: Golden Beach and Rosinka — Kazatskoe Selo

Golden Beach recreation facility is located in the centre of the resort part of Orlovschina settlement, right by the riverside amidst an oak grove. With its inviting atmosphere, comfortable rooms and convenient location, this tourist complex stands out among the many other recreational facilities around it. The grounds are quiet and peaceful, and the little cottages are clean and comfortable.

UTICamp-2020 UTICamp-2020

The RosinkaKazatskoe Selo tourist complex with its cosy rooms, restaurant, playground, and waterpark featuring swimming pools filled with deep-well water, is situated nearby. Peacocks roam free around the grounds and there is a mini zoo near the playground. 

Please pay attention that the fees at the Zolotoy Plyazh include the breakfast.

All guests living at the Zolotoy Plyazh and Rosinka — Kazatskoe Selo recreation facilities can have breakfast in the Meteorit in the mornings.


Other accommodation options

We have also prepared a list of hotels located farther from the conference venue. Book rooms in these hotels directly; the contact information is given on their websites.

We can help conference participants who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian to book hotel rooms and will also provide a volunteer interpreter onsite if required.

The best way to get from these hotels to UTICamp is by using your own car or ordering an individual transfer on site. The cost of a bus or minibus transfer can be split between all the passengers. Approximate return taxi fares are given in the table below.


From UTICamp

From Dnipro

Cost per night*




Approximate taxi fare (minibus for up to 8 passengers) to UTICamp and back — up to €24



5 km


€ 24—38



A new guesthouse with a waterpark, a sauna, and separate cottages.

Good Zone


 15 km

 32 km

€ 55—420



A modern country hotel with beautiful grounds and a lake.

Gulay Pole


17 km

38 km

€ 30—40


A la carte, ≈€5

A new Ukrainian-style country hotel.

Ostrov River Club


20 km

26 km




A new country hotel with a large swimming pool.



31 km

22 km

From € 180



A luxurious hotel complex with a spa center.

Cost of organized transfer from Dnipro — €3 per day (one way) if paid in advance and €4 if paid onsite.

Approximate taxi fare to UTICamp (one way) — up to €20



43 km

0 km

€ 35—163



A good new hotel located at the Menorah Jewish Cultural and Business Center.



44 km

0 km

€ 35—128



A great modern hotel: visitors coming to Dnipro city on business like staying here.


* *Contact the hotel directly for exact prices and terms & conditions. UTICamp organizers are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by hotel staff. If you encounter any difficulties, we would be happy to help. If you have any questions, please write to

Transfer schedule

The timetable of the organized transfers from Dnipro city, the Rosinka — Kazatskoe Selo hotel and the Zolotoy Plyazh complex to UTICamp and back will be published later. Please let us know during registration whether you plan to use the transfer, and write to if you wish to make changes to your booking.

If you are arriving before the conference starts and leaving after it ends, we will help you arrange an individual transfer. The approximate cost is 20 euros for a minibus for 8 people.