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UTICamp's history

Concept behind UTICamp is unique. The experience we gained at conferences we attended gave us the confidence to organize our own here in Ukraine.

After holding a local event for InText’s freelance partners in 2011, in 2013 we organized our first international conference in Kyiv. The 2013 Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC) was a three-day event that attracted almost 400 participants from 19 countries. It was the first localization conference of this scale in Ukraine.

In 2014, UTIC was supported also by live stream, which was a very bold step for that time. The third UTIC in 2015 was held completely online — yet another example of the forward-thinking nature of this conference.

Still, while the first editions of UTIC were informative and large for the local market, they were rather traditional conferences. In 2016, the InText team decided to try out a new concept and moved UTIC to the Meteorit campground, a former pioneer camp in the village of Orlivschina. The unconventional approach worked. UTIC therefore turned into UTICamp, a conference now known in various corners of the world as the most unusual, eco-friendly, and warm event organized by translators for translators.

In 2016, we moved the conference to the Meteorite campground in a picturesque forest some 50 kilometers from the city of Dnipro. The campground had recently undergone serious reconstruction to accommodate conference participants and provide them with all the modern conveniences (Wi-Fi being one of the basics). Since this venue permitted us to create a conference like no other, we changed the name to UTICamp.

The open-air, eco-minded, family-friendly event gave our guests the unique opportunity to gain both knowledge and energy and to combine business and pleasure in one experience.

For UTICamp-2019, we extended the conference to a whole week of presentations, workshops, and networking. Dozens of hours of useful content were live streamed and recorded for future use. About 300 attendees came together to share their knowledge, ideas, and emotions as well as to socialize around campfires in the beautiful Ukrainian summer evenings.

The last edition of UTICamp in 2020 was held both offline and online. We had a limited number of attendees on-site at the Meteorite campground, but almost 650 attendees were able to join us remotely. UTICamp-2020 was held over the course of a week and included 63 presentations, concerts, and an omni-channel live stream. It was also the most pet-friendly conference, as we had five furry attendees who had a great time too.

UTICamp-2021 is going to take part on July 19-25, 2021, near Dnipro, Ukraine. We invite you to join us next summer to discuss trending industry topics and reflect on how to improve ourselves, to share experiences, meet new people and hug old friends. And, of course, to relax, be inspired by the power of nature, and recharge your batteries!

All videos from past events are available on the UTICamp YouTube channel.

You can also have a look at the wonderful pictures in our UTICamp Flickr albums.

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