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Meet a brand new Localization Track!

We're proud to announce that the upcoming year will bring a brand new l10n track! 

We're not ready to reveal all the details just yet, but we promise that it is going to be anything but boring. Still, you’ll agree that leaving you hanging without any info about this section would be just rude.

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UTICamp-2021 Interpreting Track News

Though the calendar assures us it is still November, we are confidently moving ahead with the planned course and started preparing for the ...

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Efficient Revision in MemoQ. UTICamp-2020

Speaker: Marek PawelecExperienced computer aided translation (CAT) software user and trainer, certified memoQ trainer

memoQ is a versatile tool intended both for translation and review work. However, many default settings in memoQ are defined with translators, not reviewers in mind. Marek presented various scenarios for reviewing text both translated in memoQ (offline and online projects) and bilingual imports from different software (e.g. Trados Studio) and showed how to work efficiently employing various memoQ features like penalties for users/TMs/metadata, match insertion threshold or stat...