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Ready? UTICamp-2021 announces its Online Environment sponsor!

As this year's conference is going to be held in a hybrid format and aims to offer a truly unique experience of combining both live and virtual event, we've recently come up with the idea of using a special event application. And now we are really happy to announce that Protemos has become the sponsor of the UTICamp-2021 Online Environment! 

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Protemos Event App Sponsor

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Industry Experts View. Leonid Glazychev's and Fedor Bezrukov's Interview at UTICamp-2020

Leonid Glazychev and Fedor Bezrukov were interviewed at UTICamp-2020 about the future of the translation industry, life after the apocalypse, the three most promising areas for improvement, and their highlights about the conference.

Logrus IT has been the Gold Sponsor of #uticamp twice and we are very grateful for their support and involvement.

We thank Leonid Glazychev and Fedor Bezrukov for this inspiring interview and for their detailed replies!